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Putting those retirement plans on hold? What that means for your Medicare

Article by Darla Mercado for CNBC

“Some people are allowed to defer into the future, and some aren’t deferred and need to take Medicare,” said Katy Votava, president and founder of, a health-care consulting firm.

  • By 2024 there will be about 13 million individuals age 65 and older in the workforce,

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My client’s Medicare coverage has been canceled, now what?

Some beneficiaries may receive a letter that says their policy will no longer be offered in 2017

Stress and Frustration

October 7, 2016
By Katy Votava for Investment News

This is the time of year when everyone who already has a stand-alone Medicare Part D prescription drug plan or a Medicare Part C Advantage plan that includes Part D gets a letter from their current plan.

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The alphabet soup of Medicare enrollment periods

Medicare enrollment periods

It’s essential to be familiar with the many varieties of Medicare enrollment periods so your clients can make the best choices

Aug 12, 2016
By Katy Votava for Investment News

There are many enrollment periods for the various parts of Medicare.

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