About Us

Dr. Katy Votava, President, and founder of GOODCARE.com ®

Dr. Votava is a registered professional nurse and has a Ph.D. in health economics and nursing from the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York. She completed a pre-doctoral fellowship in Community and Preventive Medicine at the University of Rochester and a post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School. Before starting GOODCARE.com, Dr. Votava worked as the director of clinical specialties and education at Visiting Nurse Service of Rochester and Monroe County, Inc.

With her in-depth experience as a nurse practitioner and healthcare administrator, Dr. Votava is an expert in healthcare reimbursement and outcomes, including those related to Medicare, Medicaid, and long-term care. A major focus of Dr. Votava’s research is health care costs for people during their retirement years, and she has been published widely and frequently spoken on these topics.

Together with other healthcare experts in their respective fields, Dr. Votava and her staff work to develop customized solutions to clients’ questions and solve their healthcare puzzles. To help more people get the information they need about planning and paying for healthcare, in 2004 Votava created GOODCARE.com ®, an online source for information, resources and free tools.

Cymantha Campbell

Cymantha manages all administrative, operational and technical functions for the consultancy’s headquarters in Rochester, New York. Cymantha has in-depth experience in consumer health plan research as well as the ins and outs of Medicare. She provides essential support to clients and is readily available to answer your questions and provide other sources of information to help solve you and your family’s healthcare planning and financing puzzles.

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