Dr. Katy and Cymantha Campbell

Cymantha Campbell, Operations  Manager
Dr. Katy Votava, President, and Founder

Photo credit: Kate Melton

Expert Assistance for People Looking for Unbiased Health Coverage Advice

GOODCARE.com is a nationwide independent consulting firm specializing in the economics of healthcare. We provide expert assistance to people at all stages of their lives to help them understand and select the best health coverage available today. We work strictly for you: we do not represent or sell any particular health plan. Our expertise is healthcare cost analysis tailored to your personal situation.

Did you ever wish someone could explain Medicare in a straightforward and easy to understand style?
Our book takes the confusion out of making Medicare choices. It is full of tips and insider information in an easy to read workbook format.

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Dr. Katy Votava and GOODCARE.com have been featured by many national organizations including: