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Hospice Care and Medicare: LTCI Insider

By Margie Barrie | December 30, 2020, at 03:06 AM

Billing for end-of-life care can be confusing, even for a veteran long-term care planner.

This is a must-read article if you are on Medicare or a loved one is on Medicare. I consulted with Dr.

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You Pay Too Much for Medicare!


Medicare & Lockdown: Better than Ever?

A conversation with Consuelo Mack and Dr. Katy Votava. The first of a two-part podcast. to Medicare benefits expert Dr. Katy Votava, COVID-19 has altered several aspects of Medicare coverage and procedures. She will tell us what’s different and how to take advantage of the changes. She will also help us meet the deadline for Medicare’s annual enrollment period,

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