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Dr. Katy cautions retirees about purchasing dental insurance.

Dental Insurance for Retirees Isn’t a Great Deal. Consider Self-Insuring.

Christina Povenmire is semi-retired from her financial planning practice and going on Medicare. She is buying a supplemental plan that will pay virtually all costs that Medicare doesn’t pay. But she won’t buy any insurance to cover dental costs.

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Dr. Katy tells how to keep healthcare costs from blowing up a financial plan

By Karen Demasters, May 3, 2023 How do you, as an advisor, keep healthcare costs from wrecking your clients’ financial plans? The short answer to that question is to be prepared and warn the client of any pending problems ahead of time, according to Katy Votava, founder and president of

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Dr. Katy’s tips on how to get Medicare to cover your prescription drugs.

By Kate Ashford, CSA®, April 14, 2023 Specific drug coverage varies by plan, and you may not be able to switch to a plan that covers your drug immediately, or you may find that no plans cover it. “The problems are the more expensive brand name medications,” says Katy Votava,

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