Health Coverage Consulting

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Do you need professional health coverage guidance? You’ve come to the right place!

The GOODCARE consultation process:

    1. First of all, get in touch with us by phone  (585-419-7078) or email (
    2. Then we briefly discuss your situation and provide you with a consultation cost estimate.
    3. After that, we email you an Invoice/Retainer Agreement, Health Insurance Questionnaire, and Privacy Policy for examination and approval.
    4. Upon payment of the retainer and your completed Health Insurance Questionnaire, we review detailed information about your health history, medications, healthcare providers, preferences, lifestyle, and budget.
    5. Consequently, we research, analyze, evaluate health plan options, and determine the most cost-effective and comprehensive coverage targeted to your needs.
    6. Also, we assemble plan-specific and benefit summaries for plans that meet your needs.
    7. Construct a catastrophic cost spreadsheet for the plan or plans available.
    8. Finally, we schedule a conference call with you to discuss our analysis and recommendations. We answer your questions and develop an action plan, including timing and application contact information.

Consultation Fees

We aim to provide a high level of value to meet your needs. Our hourly rate is $450, and we work on a retainer basis. Consultations range from 3-4 hours per person. Therefore, the total amount of time for the consultation will depend on the complexity of the work you require. After that, if more time is necessary, we will get your permission before doing so.

What can you expect from our consultation service?

Above all, our services regularly result in substantial cost savings, peace of mind, and an increased understanding of your health insurance plan. Also, how to make the coverages work for you and, as a result, avoid unwelcome problems attaining your health care services.

Ongoing issues

In conclusion, we are available down the road to answer questions and help you cope with new health care issues as they arise.
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