Financial Advisors

We specialize in helping Financial Advisors, small business owners, and individuals plan for and manage the health care costs of their clients, employees, and family.

Our process is simple.

Give us a call and let us know that you are referring your client to us. We appreciate the fact that your referral to us reflects directly on you. We will put every effort into providing excellent service to your clients and help them achieve their goal of having a practical healthcare solution that meets their individual needs.

Knowing that you referred your clients to us is helpful so we can be aware of who they are when they reach out to us. Having these specifics before your client contacting us helps us to give the highest level of service because we will:

  • Be expecting their call and know that you referred them.
  • Have an initial idea of what they need.
  • Streamline their first conversation with us because we will have necessary details such as their contact information.

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