What you need to know about your spouse’s Medicare coverage

Article by Lorie Konish, published by CNBC

“A lot of people don’t know that a spouse can be covered for Medicare under their spouse’s work record,” said Medicare expert Katy Votava, president of Goodcare.com, an independent consulting firm that specializes in health care.

If you’re like many Americans,

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Does Self-directed Long-Term Care Make Sense to You?

By John F. Wasik, Next Avenue Contributor

“Think of how much energy it takes to take care of yourself,” says Katy Votava, a nurse practitioner and president of Goodcare, a consulting firm specializing in the economics of health care. “And people don’t know how to shop and be an advocate for themselves.”

When Kathleen Ujvari sought long-term care for her disabled 83-year-old father,

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Medicare Part D Drug Coverage Gap Closing at Faster Clip

By Rachel L. Sheedy, Editor
May 31, 2018
From Kiplinger’s Retirement Report
Dr. Katy quoted in this article:

The gap was never scheduled to close 100%,” says Dr. Katy Votava, president of GoodCare.com. Once it closes, “beneficiaries will still pay 25% out of their pockets.”

Headlines earlier this year announced the “doughnut hole” in Medicare’s Part D prescription-drug coverage is closing ahead of schedule.

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