90 to 95% of people on Medicare overspend on their Medicare Advantage and prescription plans!

Why: because people don’t select a plan that meets their personal needs at the best possible price.

How to fix that: listen to Dr. Katy’s webinar. She will teach you how to Shop Smart for Medicare to select a plan to meet your needs at the best price. 

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is fast approaching.

  • It is the time of year when everyone on Medicare can reevaluate plan features to see if they're getting the best Medicare Advantage or Part D prescription plan to meet your health needs at the best price.
  • Starts October 15th & ends December 7th
  • New coverage begins January 1, 2018

The webinar will be:

  • Approximately 40 minutes long, with questions and answers
  • Be available on demand to download
  • Watch at your convenience as many times as you like
  • Comes with a detailed handout of the slides and ready to use Health Information Organizer worksheets that will help you pull together the information you need to Shop Smart for Medicare