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Making the Most of Medicare: A Guide for Baby Boomers

First of all, Katy Votava, Ph.D., RN knows that if folks had a little more information up front, they could make better decisions about their Medicare plans. In Making the Most of Medicare: A Guide for Baby Boomers, Dr. Katy introduces you to Medicare with up-to-the-minute information on how to handle yours, friends, or a family members Medicare choices. Most of all, this guide highlights the most critical factors to help you plan for your transition right now. With many useful tips, Dr. Katy explores the entire scope of Medicare, in an easy to understand style.  Also, she reveals how some savvy financial planning before you enroll can have a significant impact on how much you will pay.  Furthermore, your plan and all others on the market come out with new pricing and benefits every fall.  Finally, one of the most valuable tips she always tells people, "reevaluate your Medicare plan every year."

After reading this Medicare guide, you will know some of her secrets that will help you:

  • Avoid paying lifelong penalties for enrolling at the wrong time.
  • Choose a plan that covers your specific needs at the best possible price so that you are not overpaying for your Medicare (as most people do).
  • Limit hassles and unnecessary expenses by selecting plans that include your doctors, health services, and medications.
  • Get the best medical care for you or a loved one.
  • Save money on prescription drugs.

Here’s what’s new in the 2019 6th edition!

  • Bonus new chapter on maximizing cash flow without paying more for Medicare.
  • How to maximize Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) to cover Medicare expenses.
  • New additional Medicare high-income surcharge brackets.
    • 2019 rate Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA)
  • What the latest  2018 IRS 1040 form means for  Medicare beneficiaries
  • Recently instituted Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (MA OEP) allowing some Medicare plan changes outside of the Annual Enrollment Period.
  • Updated 2019 Medicare hospital, medical and prescription drug coverage co-payments, co-insurance and out-of-pocket costs.


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