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Medicare Part D Drug Coverage Gap Closing at Faster Clip

By Rachel L. Sheedy, Editor May 31, 2018 From Kiplinger’s Retirement Report Dr. Katy quoted in this article: The gap was never scheduled to close 100%,” says Dr. Katy Votava, president of Once it closes, “beneficiaries will still pay

How to Vet a Home Care Agency

By John F. Wasik May 26, 2018 From Morningstar’s Ecology of Money Dr. Katy is quoted in this article:  “I recommend that people reach out to the national Eldercare locator service as their first stop to find eldercare resources, including

Don’t make these common, costly Medicare mistakes

By Lorie Konish, February 15, 2018 for CNBC  Dr. Katy quoted in this article. As more individuals continue working past 65, they face critical decisions regarding what Medicare coverage best suits them. Failure to correctly understand the rules can lead