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Putting those retirement plans on hold? What that means for your Medicare

Article by Darla Mercado for CNBC “Some people are allowed to defer into the future, and some aren’t deferred and need to take Medicare,” said Katy Votava, president and founder of, a health-care consulting firm. By 2024 there will

What you need to know about your spouse’s Medicare coverage

Article by Lorie Konish, published by CNBC “A lot of people don’t know that a spouse can be covered for Medicare under their spouse’s work record,” said Medicare expert Katy Votava, president of, an independent consulting firm that specializes

Medicare Part D Drug Coverage Gap Closing at Faster Clip

By Rachel L. Sheedy, Editor May 31, 2018 From Kiplinger’s Retirement Report Dr. Katy quoted in this article: The gap was never scheduled to close 100%,” says Dr. Katy Votava, president of Once it closes, “beneficiaries will still pay